Business Strategy

Medylife Global FZE business strategy model is based on leveraging the company’s excellent relationships with the manufacturer, business partners, customers, and employees, etc., across the globe and using its seamless business trade management experience and network to provide world-class commodity and service to the end customers. The main focus is on physical trade by connecting different empires spread across the sphere. The company will further continue to improve on and consolidating its position in the market by adopting the latest technologies. 

The company believes that change is the only constant in the arena of global trade and the only way to stay ahead is to have many unique perspectives. So, while the Company’s experts have unique perspectives that are receptive to viewpoints from sellers and buyers. It is the ability to identify the correct perspective that gives the company the edge in any scenario. This level of foresight is applied to every single trade cycle, so the company is always at ready.

Our strategy seeks to maximize value through our integrated marketing and industrial businesses working side-by-side to give us presence across the entire supply chain, delivering in-depth knowledge of physical market supply and demand dynamics and an ability to rapidly adjust to market conditions. 

Medylife Global FZE, had seen a continuous rise in turnover, with total revenue for the financial year ending 31st December 2020 is AED 242 Mn, an increase of 7.56% as compared to the previous year. We wish and hope, the trend in rising of revenue will continue for years to come. Across the globe and around the clock, the company will never stop working to give the passion for customers into the brands and to improve the world we all share and create shared opportunities through growth. Integrity is one of our most prized assets.