Medylife Global FZE is an international trading and distribution company, focused on the pharma-related chemicals supply chain by acquisition, development, and commercialization.

Incorporated in 19thNovmeber 2018 as M Tradexim FZE, with the office registered at Ajman Free Zone, with license number 26035. The company focused on underserved niche markets with a commitment to innovation, working hard to develop and improve the quality of products for its customers and delivering sustained growth, profitability, and creating value for its company.  

The company is diversified by its geographic location located centrally located in the world – UAE, with a portfolio of various products, range in a different segment of pharma industries and along with its experienced staff, helped to maximize the value created by the company in a short span of 3 years. In an increasingly complex global environment, Medylife dedicated teams continuously developing an intellectual product portfolio, as per the market requirements. To empower sustainable growth and business success, the company had adopted the fundamentals of a strong and effective company culture, which helps all the people and organizations associated with a company to grow and survive in this complex market structure. Since the inception of the company, we had been able to develop breakthrough, category-leading products, to serve the global market. 

The product portfolio under the various Chemicals, which is widely used in sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Agricultural and Animal Husbandry. We had been able to maintain consistency with our main line of business since inception. With our main strength, knowledgeable and expert manpower in the field of chemicals industries, we had been able to hold our market share continuously. Various APIs, Intermediate and formulation pharmaceutical industries across the globe, sources their raw material requirement through us, which is essentially used for Anti Malaria, Anti Cancer drugs, and medicines. 

Medylife Global FZE is registered as an approved supplier with a number of APIs, Intermediate’s and formulation company, as per their respective regulatory, which ultimately assured a continuous business to the company.  With various contract manufacturing agreements is placed, Medylife Global FZE had been able to consistently supply its quality product as per the requirement of its industries which are mostly covered under various rules and regulations such as the US FDA. 

Market covered : Asia / Africa / Europe and US

Medylife Global FZE, had a Geographical advantage with its team spread across the globe. We had divided our business into 4 continents, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the US. With our team located and placed at various locations such as  UAE, London, India, Hongkong, Singapore, South Africa, and New York, which help in sourcing the required products at much competitive price, best quality and with good payment terms. Our major revenue turnover comes from Asian Countries. As one of the global marketers of commodities, we are uniquely diversified by geography, products, and activities. Integrating our marketing and interacting skills, which sets us apart from our competitors to create a unique culture and helps to generate value for the company.

Mission, Vision, and Values

The company leadership is dedicated to fulfilling the mission, vision, and values of the Corporate philosophy. Our team is highly accomplished leaders with a proven track record. The having team located across the globe such as India, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, and African countries, who work seamlessly together as a team to deliver the result and aim of our company. In today’s tumultuous markets, where established companies are furiously battling assaults from start-ups and other insurgent competitors, Medylife Global had been able to deliver remarkably well with a strong experienced team.



The mission is to combine the strength of our team partners’ expertise, experience, and innovation to advance in the worldwide success of our business verticals and making customers comfortable in sourcing the products through us. The mission is to create a great quality-driven, global company to serve the industries with utmost sincerity, dedication & commitment. 



Vision to place the benefits of the society on par with business growth, with implementing and practicing social initiatives which will change the way to be responsible to do business and bring a strong social conscience. Being a global distribution company, the company provides the best products and services to its customers and creates a business environment that is appreciated and valued by its customers, employees, and other business partners. The Vision is to make, Medylife Global FZE an innovation-driven company focusing to bring various chemical products under one roof and be a single point of contact for our customers. 



Values reflect the purpose, the priorities and the beliefs, by which its business is conducted. Medylife Global FZE values doing what’s right and demands honesty, maintenance of confidentiality, and adherence to professional standards of excellence. The company strives to understand its clients’ requirements and meet or exceed their expectations with high-quality delivery and service. We are flexible and always look for proactive, responsible solutions to ensure client satisfaction. For an employee, the values define what it means to work at Medylife Global FZE, regardless of its location or role. The values are the heart of company culture and the way it does business. Values are the fundamental basis of The Medylife Global FZE sustainability management system along with the Code of Conduct and policies across the globe.